Friday, 9 January 2015

Muslim radicals venting their anger and promoting their extremist cause?

There will be those who agree with me and those who will think I have written a load of twaddle. Whatever your opinion, this is mine! I am appalled and outraged at what has taken place in Paris. Candidly speaking, every lesson in History tells us that the greatest risk lies in appeasement. Being too liberal or 'well meaning' is going to gain us no ground what so ever.

These Islamists are seeking to impose on us laws which would criminalize criticism of Islam. They are hell bent on curtailing freedom of expression. If we, the West over step the Islam mark, we are immediately plunged into violence and ultimately people pay for that sin with their life. Which is exactly what happened at Charlie Hebdo.

Our hands are already tied to our ankles. We are practically gagged from condemning capital punishment for the conversion of Muslims to other faiths, stoning adulterers to death, employing female circumcision, cutting off limbs of thieves, public floggings, suicide bombing, torture, etc All in the name 'Allah' which naturally makes it all perfectly acceptable!

In Muslim countries for the most part, we forbidden freedom of religion. We have dealt with the desecration of churches and synagogues, pogroms against Christians, Copts and Jews - all of which are daily occurrences in many Islamic countries. Yet they come to the West, and open up their Mosque wherever they like. We have welcomed these people into our Countries and they are hell bent on taking them over, destroying our beliefs and imposing their own restrictive values.

Bold: But not funny and not clever. These cards are coarse, irreverent or profane, writes Stephen GloverNow before I lose my head, I am not talking about ALL Muslims. I personally have Muslim friends and I can tell you right now, hand on heart, they are wonderful people. I am talking only about these radicals. Unfortunately, like the old saying goes, 'you see my friends, you see me' well the good Muslims are sadly being tarred with the same brush and it is unfair, but that is life. Like every religion, you get your radicals. Sadly though, none as cruel and twisted as the Muslim radical!

Let me share something with you. In December, a stationary chain in England called Scribbler stocked a selection of Christmas cards which carried obscene, offensive and lets face it, terrible anti-Christian messages. As you can see in the photo.

The story of Jesus has inspired some of the greatest paintings in the world. It has produced beautiful music. The power of the said word has healed many a drunk, drunk addict, diseased body, person who has wondered off life's path and so much more. There is a healing power in that word 'Jesus' It has given warmth to millions around the globe. I, who are not Christian, find nothing humorous about these cards. In the same store, there were cards with captions 'Ho Ho Ho Mother F***' others saying 'Merry Kiss My A***'Personally, I think they tasteless, irreverent, profane and sacrilegious.
Saying all that, the reason I bring this up now, is can you imagine for just one minute, what the reaction from the Muslim community would have been, had some clever dick produced cards like this during Eid Al-Fitr?

Dear God! How many lives would have been lost then? I shudder to even contemplate. There is way too much to copy and paste here, so I urge you to open this link and take a look at the list of Islamic attacks on Christians. Personally I feel these numbers are very conservative, but it will give you an idea of what I am talking about -

All of this from a religion of 'Peace' kindda sticks in your throat a bit, doesn't it? In ending, I honestly feel we need to stand up and show some backbone. These people for the most part are guests in our Countries. As the saying goes, in Rome do as the Romans do. If they are that unhappy with the decadence of the West, all the luxury items, freedom of movement, freedom of speech and everything else that the 'kafir' offers them, then why not go home? Reserve the West for your shopping trips, but live your life, under your rules, in your own Countries! 

Basic right: Standing in support of the freedom of the press, these protesters hold an illuminated sign at a gathering in the centre of ParisIts my personal opinion, but I honestly think a show of solidarity needs to be shown here, and an expression of fortitude. The West, is able to laugh at themselves, they are able to see humor in our inadequacies or idiosyncrasies, and those gifted Satirical cartoonists, are merely doing their job and putting a twist on something otherwise serious. 

I wish I had the ability to find the humor in the face of adversity. I personally take my hat off to these people and it is outrageous that they are persecuted for what is otherwise an incredible gift! Je suis Charlie!